Photo credit: Daily tous les jours, a company accelerated by La Piscine, "21 Balançoires", Ulysse Lemerise OSA

Accelerating Growth. Driving Impact. Globally.

Created in 2015, La Piscine is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to catalyze and cultivate the first-ever ecosystem dedicated to the development of entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative sectors in Montréal and across Québec.

At the heart of its mission, La Piscine is a forerunner in supporting the development and activation of a high-performance community of entrepreneurs, industry experts, investors and corporate, institutional and community partners, all committed to accelerating and scaling the growth and global impact of the cultural and creative in industries in Montréal and throughout Quebec.

The two primary activities and expertise La Piscine invests to actualize its mission are:

  • Industry leading acceleration programs and services for cultural and creative entrepreneurs.
  • The Rodier project, opening in 2019. The fully restored historic Flatiron building Le Rodier will become the first site in Montréal dedicated to cultural and creative entrepreneurship and the community La Piscine unites.

La Piscine is interested in models associated with the creative experience conveyed through determinants such as performance, physical objects, or digital platforms. At the intersection of art, design and technology, it fosters Montreal’s next stars working in everything from stage production, augmented literature, video games, design and architecture, to advertising, crafts, fashion, culinary arts, audiovisual and new media. More broadly speaking, La Piscine drives innovation within emerging and existing companies or organizations by strengthening their organizational culture and entrepreneurial skills.

We aim to host and support entrepreneurial projects by structuring and animating a value network (expertise, mentoring, financing and market access) with the objective of strengthening entrepreneurs’ ability to generate economic and social value through their creative enterprise. The organizational model of the accelerator itself is built around the Lean Startup philosophy entailing constant experimentation and adaptation to the external environment to which participants will be confronted. Its success is framed around people, learning ability, agility, openness and strategic partnerships.

Within its community, la Piscine nurtures a rich environment of cross-pollination between artists and creators, entrepreneurs, technologists, students, underground communities and industry leaders. Our approach in promoting multidisciplinary collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit enables the economic valorisation of creativity as well as its potential social impact. In doing so, it helps bridge the proverbial divide between artistic creation and economic sustainability.