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With entrepreneurship at the heart of its mission, La Piscine brings together a rich and diverse community of industry experts and partners to support cultural and creative entrepreneurs in realizing their full potential.

La Piscine works closely with industry professionals, public and private sector and community partners, other local, regional and international incubators and accelerators, as well as educational institutions to ensure alignment between an entrepreneur’s value proposition, the expertise required to support growth, and activation of the right network and resources to accelerate development successfully.

With a community of industry professionals who specialize in areas from strategy, governance, leadership, finance and legal to operations, marketing and brand development, intellectual property, production and international markets, La Piscine’s community is committed to the transformation of entrepreneurs in leading their sustainable growth. And, we understand that there are very distinct challenges and opportunities to address the realities of growth potential of for-profit companies and non-profit structures. La Piscine’s community is attuned to these differences to ensure the right mix of strategy, expertise and resources are brought together for maximum impact.

La Piscine’s dynamic emerging community is growing every day and we look towards people who share our values of teamwork, leadership, openness, quality and the ability to continually stoke the integral qualities of the entrepreneurial spirit!

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