Le Deep Dive

Photo credit: Robocut Studio, a company accelerated in le Deep Dive program, for the Missouri Botanica Garden (2018)

Propel your scale-up

The Deep Dive is a 6 month program designed to accelerate growth and access to international markets with a validation every 2 months. The program is conceived for mature startups who are ready to scale up and be challenged outside of their comfort zone.

What will we work on?

  • International market access,
  • Strategies for scaling up,
  • Research of financing,
  • Revenue generation,
  • Governance,
  • Intellectual property…

The recruitment of entrepreneurs for the program is on-going all year long.


What is the cost of the program?

Cost of the program depends on the particular needs of each company. The base cost is 10% of the value of the coaching fees, after which additional fees for independent experts could be added once a full diagnostic of the strategy and expertise requirements is complete and agreed to by La Piscine and the company to embark in the program.

What are the activities?

The basic program includes:

  • Training and working sessions

  • 150 to 400 hours of personalised coaching by La Piscine’s team and industry experts, accomplished entrepreneurs in the focus are of the company and angel investors

Entrepreneurs in the program are welcome to work at La Piscine and connect with other entrepreneurs and stakeholders in La Piscine’s community.

What happens after?

A 4-month renewal is possible to further develop revenue generation on a specific project or to raise funds.

International growth with Plouf program

Companies accelerated in Le Deep Dive acceleration program

The recruitment of entrepreneurs for the program is on-going all year long. Let us know who you are!

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