tesToutnew models in periodical media.

THE program

Led by La Piscine and UQAM’s École des Médias, Média Lab is an acceleration program for innovative periodical media projects. This project is made possible in part by the Government of Canada.

The Lab is a free, two-month program that aims to help Canada’s periodical media professionals leading innovative projects define and experiment with new business models, develop new information products and test new technologies.

what you get

  • An operational action plan to launch your future product or service
  • Validation of the relevance of your product or service
  • Access to industry experts to guide your growth

what does the program INCULUDE?

The Média Lab program runs over 10 weeks. Participants must be able to set aside a half-day each week to take part in the group component. They must also set aside time for individual work sessions with the coaches and experts (approximately two to three hours per week).

  • 2 months of program paths
  • 2 boot camps for 5 projects
  • 5 group workshops to develop the business model and prepare the prototype
  • 5 workshop blocks to prepare the launch of the future company (sales, marketing, human resources, financing, investor or client pitch)
  • 50 hours of coaching with an expert in strategy and commercialization and with experts from the media and tech industries
  • 2 pitch sessions and a demo day in front of potential clients and investors

your homework  AND THE WORKSHOPS

Individual tasks, defined with La Piscine and the assigned coach, will have to be completed between workshops:

  • Reading documents and preparing for workshops
  • Carrying out specific tasks to move forward in the workshops (work using tools, interviews with target clients, etc.)

Workshops and meetings with your coach and experts will be held online via Zoom. Best practices are presented in each workshop, and participants are asked to think of responses to three or four questions on a specific topic.

Between meetings, participants will have to complete their responses to these questions to prepare for the following session.


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Who can apply?

This program is reserved specifically for Canadian project leaders in the periodical media industry or innovators with projects related to this area, without criteria on size, revenues, location or legal establishment.

  • Self-employed professionals or intrepreneurs at established companies that are looking to structure their activities and need to shift up a gear
  • Independent professionals with professional experience that are collaborating to launch a new project
  • Startups just beginning their activities (no revenues generated yet)
  • Students dreaming up a project or alumni of UQAM or another Canadian university

The program is designed for any project from the idea stage up to the pre-sales stage.

In what language is the program given?

Group workshops and all the tools and work interfaces are in French. In individual meetings, coaches and experts will use the language that is most practical for the participant.




What type of projects are we looking for?

We are looking for creative and cultural digital projects that will help periodical media better respond to issues and challenges in the industry.

  • Secure the sustainability of revenues for periodical media
  • Build new communities and create loyalty with existing communities
  • Develop specialized, ultra-local media
  • Propose ways to address “fake news” and hold respectful and ethical conversations
  • Any other innovative project related to the periodical media industry

We are looking for projects that aim to develop information products (videos, podcasts), with a multi-platform approach and that help periodical media integrate new technologies.

What do you need to apply?

A proposal that responds to one or more of the issues above and also:

  • Innovates in addressing the challenges cited above
  • Integrates company ethics in both creating the proof of concept and rollout
  • Displays realistic goals and the team’s credibility to deliver a proof of concept
  • Is drafted by a project leader or team that can participate in the program over a two-month period

Any French- or English-speaking individual/organization located in Quebec is eligible.

For proposals from parties not based in Quebec, we similarly prioritize projects related to Canadian periodical media that strengthen the use of French in other Canadian provinces.

What tools does the program offer participants?

In addition to direct support during workshops from your coach and the experts, you will have access to an online workspace that reviews the questions asked and the work tools provided to find answers and solutions.

Your coach and our experts will each be available to you for a short question and answer session once a week. You will also have access to a messaging space to talk with all the other companies in the program’s cohorts.