Photo credit: Daily tous les jours, a company accelerated in Le Deep Dive acceleration program for The Quartier des spectacles (KM3 - 2017) - Cindy Boyce, Them Games & Lebleu Denastas

A program to experiment internationally

Make a splash in France!


A 12-week exchange program specifically designed to accelerate the international development of Montréal companies in foreign markets and to support foreign companies in testing Canadian and North American markets.

Who are our partners ?

The PLOUF@FRANCE  exchange program between companies in France and Montréal is in partenership with 4 cities: Paris (LINCC, Lab de l’Édition et Smart Food LAB), Toulouse (La Mêlée), Strasbourg (Creaccro) et Avignon (The Bridge)

What will we work on?

  • Market access conditions and establishment within partner ecosystems through training and meetings with experts in different fields;
  • Validation of the participating companies proposals directly through experimentation on test sites offered by corporate partners of the foreign market incubators / accelerators hosting the program.

What is the cost of the program?

Varies based on the conditions of each international partnership and exchange program.

The current program PLOUF@FRANCE is free for Montreal companies going to France and French companies arriving in Montreal, including support and a work space made available during their stay in the foreign country (maximum of 4 weeks ). Participating companies only have to pay for their hosting costs and the costs of developing their test in the experimental sites.

A short format just for entrepreneurs

  • For the preparation of the experimentation with La Piscine’s team and the foreign partners

  • For participation in workshops and deployment of experimentation. In Montreal, experiments for foreign companies take place in May and November.

  • For the evaluation of the experimentation results and the elaboration of a follow up plan.

Do you want to accelerate your growth and test your value proposition as quickly as possible in France?

Program Partners


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