Programs & Services

Montréal’s Premier Accelerator for Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurs

La Piscine’s unparalleled programs and services are designed and supported by a team of industry experts and seasoned coaches committed to scale the growth and impact of cultural and creative entrepreneurs in Montréal, across Québec and in international markets.

Scaling Innovative Projects with High Growth Potential

La Piscine’s expertise is focused on accelerating the development of innovative projects in the cultural and creative sphere that show high potential for growth and internationalization. We also mobilize partnerships in the private sector interested in working with cultural and creative entrepreneurs to harness their creativity in composing innovative solutions to strategic business challenges and market opportunities.

Our objective is to help entrepreneurs harness their intellectual capital to build an enterprise and sustainable projects, activating their factors of differentiation within an innovative, performance-driven business model, and the on-going valorization of their intellectual property.

Who We Serve

We look for innovative and ambitious cultural and creative entrepreneurs working within for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizational structures that:

  • Are confronted with a growth phase;

  • Have a innovative new project to develop;

  • Are working on the development of new digital tools that serve the cultural and creative industries

We also work with corporations or public institutions who are interested in connecting and innovating with La Piscine’s cultural and creative ecosystem on a diversity of innovation themes from new media and new client narratives and experiences, integration of design and creativity to internal teams, to digital platforms and markets, etc..).


A 4-month acceleration program activating corporate partners around a common theme where 5 cultural and creative enterprises have the opportunity to test their prototypes live in experimental environments.


This intense 6 - 12 month program offers 150 - 400 hours of coaching by C-level industry experts with the aim of accelerating emerging companies who demonstrate strong potential for growth and internationalization.


Startup creation! This 6-month program will create startups from A to Z in response to sectoral issues or trends and pre-identified market needs, or in collaboration with corporate partners.


Test international markets! This 12-week exchange program in collaboration with La Piscine’s international partners is open to scaleups who have strong international potential and are ready to test their value proposition in a foreign market.


Innovation by and for youth! This 8-month program brings together teams of secondary 4 and 5 and CEGEP students to work in a startup format by developing and testing cultural and creative products or services that engage other youth.