SURF Sortie de vague !

Ride out the COVID wave by participating to one of our 3 cohorts of our special COVID-19 coaching program which will start at the beginning of June 2020.

Welcome to the registration platform for SURF Sortie de Vague, a program implemented by La Piscine as part of the measures rolled out by the ICC Collective with the support of the City of Montreal.

To submit your application, please fill out the form below that will be used to determine your eligibility to the program and your profile. Don’t forget to scroll through all the 15 questions to complete your application.

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Program Reminder

The entire program has been designed to tackle step by step the various aspects that will allow your team and your company to get out of the crisis as quickly as possible.
SURF Sortie de Vague lasts 8 weeks and includes more than 40 hours of group coaching bringing together 5 companies that share the same challenges facing the current situation.

This program, entirely in remote, includes :

  • 1 onboarding workshop (90 minutes) with discussions between participating companies to launch the program and give the first questions to work on before the next workshop;
  • 6 90-minute collective workshops (1 per week) with your coach and an expert on specific subjects to help you develop your capacities to stabilize and relaunch your business;
  • The topics covered during the various workshops are: finance, HR, work dynamics, business lines and production, customer relationships and business development;
  • Between sessions, availability of your coach and the experts to answer your question during 20 minutes one-on-one sessions.

The workshops and meetings with your coach and experts are held exclusively online via the Zoom platform. In each workshop, best practises will be presented and shared among participants to help them answers 3 to 4 important questions on specific subjects. Between meetings, participants will have to complete their answers to these questions in order to prepare for the next session.

We ask for a $ 250 contibution per company for their participation to this program valued at $ 5,000.