SURF Sortie de Vague !

20 companies ride out the COVID wave by participating to one of our 4 cohorts of our special COVID-19 coaching program since June 2020.

The program
Sortie de vague

Developed especially for Montreal-based creative and cultural entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations that wish to quickly consolidate their business in order to get out of the crisis as quickly as possible, our Special COVID19 program SURF Sortie de Vague will start at the beginning of June 2020 through the launch of 3 cohorts of 5 companies over 8 weeks of group coaching

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What does the program include?

The entire program has been designed to tackle step by step the various aspects that will allow your team and your company to get out of the crisis as quickly as possible.
SURF Sortie de Vague lasts 8 weeks and includes more than 40 hours of group coaching bringing together 5 companies that share the same challenges facing the current situation.

This program, entirely in remote, includes :

  • 1 onboarding workshop (90 minutes) with discussions between participating companies to launch the program and give the first questions to work on before the next workshop;
  • 6 90-minute collective workshops (1 per week) with your coach and an expert on specific subjects to help you develop your capacities to stabilize and relaunch your business;
  • The topics covered during the various workshops are: finance, HR, work dynamics, business lines and production, customer relationships and business development;
  • Between sessions, availability of your coach and the experts to answer your question during 20 minutes one-on-one sessions.

The workshops and meetings with your coach and experts are held exclusively online via the Zoom platform. In each workshop, best practises will be presented and shared among participants to help them answers 3 to 4 important questions on specific subjects. Between meetings, participants will have to complete their answers to these questions in order to prepare for the next session.

We ask for a $ 250 contibution per company for their participation to this program valued at $ 5,000.

This program is reserved to companies and non-for-profit organization in the creative and cultural industries, without size, turnover or years in business criterias. The only restriction is that the company’s head office must be in Montreal.

This program is particularly adapted for entrepreneurs who want to quickly find answers to their questions on subjects such as finance, HR, work dynamics, business lines and production, customer relations or business development and benefit some support in the definition of practical and realistic solutions to implement.

Yes! You can also benefit from other support proposals, such as the platform for direct intervention on HR and tax/financing subjects offered by Xn Quebec and La Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec or participate to the 2 calls for projects launched by Zù and attend the 5 webinars serie. You can find more information on these different proposals on the home page of the Collective.

The number of attendees per company is limited to 2. But these people can change as the program progresses according to the subjects covered during the workshop.

Each 90-minute workshop adresses a specific topic and is divided in 2 parts : The first part consists in discussions with an expert on a Q&A basis so that each participant can find a solution and exchange with the others on the different options that have already been tested, and then in the second part the questions of the next workshop are presented with tools to use to find answers.

We ask for a financial contribution of 250$ per company (for a program valued at 5,000$). Also, apart from the required presence at the workshops, the company’s team will have to work to find the answers to 3 to 4 questions asked by their coach that will allow you to move forward proactively on the exit from crisis and relaunch.

In addition to direct support during the workshops by your coach and experts, you will have an online workspace with the questions asked and the tools offered to find answers and solutions. If necessary, your coach and our experts will also remain at your disposal for a short 20-minute Q&A one-on-one session per week. And of course, for subjects such as HR, financing / accounting you will have access to the direct support platform offered by Xn and La Guilde.

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