Meet The Team

Christophe Billebaud
Co-Executive Director, Programs and Innovation

Delphine Beauchamp
Co-Executive Director, Strategic Development & Operations

Maria Bilash
Program Coordinator

Camille Bertin
Program Manager

Léa Gillaizeau
Coordinator, Corporate Services

Claude Gagnon
Administrative Coordinator, Deep Dive Program

Anaïs Durand
Communications and Project Coordinator

Carolina Sócrates Martins
Monitoring and Business Intelligence

Chief Happiness Officer

David Santelli
Chair, Board of Directors

Guillaume Aniorté
Member, Board of Directors

Vincent Leclerc
Vice-chair, Board of Directors

Pascal Beauchesne
Secretary / Treasurer, Board of Directors

Laurentia Perrin
Programs Specialist

Annie Pothier

Plante & Associés