Impact8 : Meet the 2018 Acceleration Cohort!

Meet the 6 organizations selected to join our Impact8 Acceleration cohort !


From health to new food systems and artificial intelligence: the 6 organizations joining the Impact8 Acceleration cohort work in the key sectors for social innovation.

Impact8 is a unique mentorship program developed by Esplanade, first accelerator and collaborative space for social innovation and social entrepreneurship in Québec, to accompany changemakers through the different stages of their impact project — discovery, acceleration and growth. We accompany and support changemakers throughout their entrepreneurial journey towards the development of a sustainable business model in line with their social impact. Our team, supported by a solid network of business coaches and impact leaders, works in close collaboration with the participants to develop the right attitude and mindset for achieving entrepreneurial success.

— Meet the 6 organizations selected to join our Impact8 Acceleration cohort!



Connect spaces without people to people without spaces.

Entremise amission is to create affordable rental spaces through the use of vacant buildings and the development of temporary urbanism to build more sustainable, just and resilient Canadian cities.

Time plays against owners when their buildings fall vacant, to the detriment of Montrealers’ quality of life. Yet so many people are still looking for affordable places to live, create and work: students, artists, start-up businesses, and many more, not to mention vulnerable communities. By redefining the architecture of the vacancy problem, it is possible to reconnect complementary needs that are now disconnected from each other.

More recently, Entremise, in partnership with MIS (Maison de l’innovation sociale), the Cities for People program of the McConnell Foundation and the City of Montreal, launched the first Transitional Laboratory project in the building located at 2014, Young Street in Montreal.


  • Jonathan Lapalme — Co-founder and Director, Policy & strategic design
  • Mallory Wilson — Co-founder and Director, Finance and Heritage
  • Philémon Gravel — Co-founder and Director, Planning


Mr. Young

AI-powered chatbot for anxiety disorders

Mr. Young is an AI-powered chatbot designed to help you cope with anxiety.

Mr. Young propose un chatbotalimenté par l’intelligence artificielle pour aider ses utilisateurs à faire face à des situations d’anxiété et à trouver des pistes de solutions.

Mr. Young was imagined for millennials. This section of the population is without a doubt the one that is most vocal about mental issues. However, it does not mean that seeking help feels any easier. Taking the first step constitutes a challenge, and one might find the process frightening and stressful.

With this in mind Arthur, and Nicolas and Edouard want to create a bot that feels like a “buddy”, a friend to talk to in times of need. Ranging from small tips and tricks to reduce anxiety to redirecting the user to other available stress relief apps and even generating a list of Montreal-established therapists based on the users need, Mr. Young is an ear, a judging-free friend who listens and cares, no matter the situation.


  • Arthur Degand, Co-Founder and CFO
  • Nicolas Urena, Co-Founder
  • Edouard Ferron-Mallett, Co-Founder



Artificial intelligence Synthesis of ASD scientific data

Myelin develops an online clinical advisor providing access to high-quality and up-to-date mental health information. Every day, more than 3,000 articles are published in the field of mental health. Only 15% of the research is used and it becomes impossible for organizations to guarantee optimal care. Also, it is worth pointing out that there is about 17 years between the time a research is conducted and the time it is applied.

Myelin uses AI to extract scientific information and make it accessible via its virtual clinical advisor with who users can converse and find the appropriate answers, based on their level of knowledge and the type of questions asked.


  • Marc-Olivier Schüle, CEO
  • Marise Bonenfant, CTO
  • François Menet, CISO



Write well, better, together

Blitz-Paradisio aims to support students during one of the most crucial time of their career, ie. the writing of their thesis or PhD.

More than 50% of PhD students drop out, they are often going through depression or are in debt. As a consequence, society deprives itself of new knowledge, innovation, and qualified citizens. Following on the success of the Thésez-vous? retreats and the growing demand, Blitz-Paradisio wants to increase its social impact while making these retreats and the support provided more accessible. In this perspective, new services will be offered to graduate students: a collective space for writing in the city, as well as a digital platform and a social franchise model.


  • Sara Mathieu C. — Co-Founder & Director


Tottem nutrition

Tottem Nutrition is a Canadian food company whose mission is to transform one of North America’s least known proteins: insects. The young company produces healthy, nutritious and tasty food products and wants to contribute to increase the knowledge around entomology and entomophagy.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, and only requiring very few resources to be produced, insect products have many benefits. This new food trend can attract foodies, athletes and anyone else interested in food and looking to diversify what is in their plate every day.


  • Yann Hébert — Co-founder, Sales & Marketing
  • Claude Girard — Co-founder, Operations & Innovation
  • Brenda Plant — Co-founder, Business development / MArketing & distribution / Social impact
  • Céline Comeau — Co-founder, Innovation / Press relations


Fertility analysis technologies for soils

ChrysaLabs ChrysaLabs develops an advanced analysis technology to provide a comprehensive vision of soil fertility directly in the fields.

In a context where farmers are lacking the appropriate tools to measure the fertility of their soils accurately, ChrysaLabs’ mission is to promote healthy soils in agriculture and their benefits for the protection of the environment by offering adapted and accessible tools to farming communities.


  • Benjamin Deleener — CEO
  • Gabriel Mangeat — Co-founder

Impact8 is a unique mentorship program developed by Esplanade, in partnership with Rhizome Stratégies, and Mars Discovery District, with the support of the Mirella andLino Saputo Foundation