Innovation by and for youth

Speedo is a unique entrepreneurship educational program for teenagers who are 14 – 19 years of age that runs for 8 months. The program is based on a learning approach that allows the participants to work on different challenges each year. The program in 2018 is is focused on giving the participants the opportunity to design a creative or cultural product that could sensitize other youth to entrepreneurship!

This approach also allows participants to innovate and create potential solutions that could be adapted by a businesses interested in integrating youth in their own innovation processes in developing products for the youth market

What will we work on?

  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Project development skills that follow startup methodology,
  • Project production in concert with businesses.

Program Cost?

The program is free for participants.

What are the activities?

The program includes 14 meetings and “missions” with the youth community and prototyping workshops.

What happens after?

If the projects developed by the youth during the program are promising, the youth may have the opportunity to work in developing them further with La Piscine’s corporate partners.

Program Partners