Start-up Studio

The Startup Studio is a 6-month service to build startups from A to Z in response to sectoral issues and trends or market needs that have been pre-identified or that will be defined in collaboration with corporate partners.

How does it work?

First, we work with an A-team of industry leaders and entrepreneurs in residence or we recruit them in an ad hoc manner;

Then we add to the mix some shared infrastructure (the Rodier) and an in-house investment fund;

We then generate ideas with the resident entrepreneurs with a focus on issues facing the cultural and creative industries as determined by partners and different organizations in the cultural and creative sector);

We then proceed to build and consolidate multiple startups in parallel (whether they existed already, they were created ad hoc following a call for proposals, or following events in the style of a Design Jam  or Hackathons), all with the support of shared resources (studio + entrepreneurs, experts and coaches).

If an idea doesn’t work, we re-assign the team to another idea;

What works can receive funding to accelerate the development, create a spin-off, or a sin-on (reintegration into a corporation);

We support the growth. Allow for emergence of value. We start over.

The benefits?

  • A managed, cost effective experiment that reduces risks.
  • The impact of failure is reduced, and an ongoing valorization of skills.
  • Fastrack development of startups and acceleration.
  • An easy startup process for entrepreneurs and the best ROI conditions for investors and partners.

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