La piscine supports you

to structurE your organization, validate your positioning or develop a project or business model.



Supported by SODEC, this program is specially designed for Quebec companies and Quebec non-profit organizations working in SODEC’s fields of expertise, who wish to validate their positioning or structure the development of a growth project (new offer, new product, new business model, deployment in a new market, international deployment, etc.).

SURF SODEC is a group-based program for 6 ambitious entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their growth.
It includes a combination of group workshops and one-on-one meetings with a dedicated coach and experts in business strategy, business development, finance, marketing and human resources.


New: Specific and more intensive support will be offered to entrepreneurs taking over or transferring businesses.


  • Define and challenge your organization’s strategic elements (mission, vision, value proposition, customer segments, business models)
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Exchange with other Quebec entrepreneurs who share similar challenges to yours
  • Structuring and validating the next steps in the deployment of a growth project
  • Define key objectives to guide your development


  • 8 group workshops with experts on specific topics (corporate strategy, target audiences, market positioning, marketing, business development, human resources, etc.) – 1 workshop per week
  • 5 hours of one-to-one discussions with experts (finance, marketing, human resources, business development)
  • 8 hours of individual support with a dedicated coach
  • A framework of tools provided by La Piscine, to be completed as you go along to help you make progress on your journey.

+ 4 hours of additional support for emerging entrepreneurs


  • Dates : Spring 2023
  • Price: $850 participation or
    $950 for emerging organizations. This program is valued at CAD 5,850.
  • Language: the program is deployed in French.
  • Format: the program is presented in a hybrid format (face-to-face and distance learning).

10 prograM WEEKS

30 hours

of workshopS

and coaching



Applications closed.

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SURF SODEC 2022-2023

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This program is supported by

The SURF program can be replicated in all sectors of the cultural and creative industries. Would you like to become a partner like SODEC or FCTMN to develop a new SURF program?

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Who can apply?

Conditions for applying:

  • Participants must have been in business for at least one year.
  • There are no size or sales criteria.
  • Individual companies are not eligible, except in the arts and crafts sector.
  • The company’s head office must be in Quebec.
  • The company or non-profit organization must be active in SODEC’s fields of activity, namely :

The film and television production industry :

  • Production companies for short, medium and feature-length fiction, documentary and animation films
  • Promoters and distributors of Quebec film and television production
  • Emerging creators
  • Cinema operators
  • Festivals, events and promotional activities that promote film and television production in Quebec and abroad

The book and publishing industry:

  • Approved publishers
  • Approved bookshops
  • Book fairs
  • Various professional associations and industry groups

The craft and art market industry :

  • Craftsmen and craft companies
  • Craft marketing events
  • Art galleries
  • Various professional associations

The music and variety industry

  • Quebec companies involved in sound recording production, live shows, artist management and entertainment agencies, both in music and variety.
  • Festivals, events and promotional activities that promote the production of music and variety shows in Quebec and abroad.
  • The various professional associations in the field

What are my commitments regarding the course?

Participants are asked to make several commitments:

  • A financial contribution of $850 (for a track valued at $5,000) and a contribution of $950 for organizations in a business takeover/transfer situation;
  • Active participation in group workshops, as well as one-on-one discussions each week (with your coach and the week’s expert);
  • Use the tools provided by La Piscine to advance your thinking BEFORE meeting your coach, to maximize the relevance of your discussions;
  • Dedicate between 2 and 6 hours a week to completing the various tools.

Who in my organization can take part in the workshops?

The number of participants is limited to 2, but this number can change as the course progresses, depending on the topics covered.

What exactly do we do during a workshop?

Each 90-minute workshop addresses a specific topic with an expert and your coach in a highly interactive format and is divided into several phases:

  • Several rounds of discussion with other participants to express your views on the subject in question, your best practices and your current challenges.
  • A presentation phase by the expert to present practical elements to be implemented in your organization to structure your activities and to develop your reflections on your positioning and development.

How much does the program cost?

For this program, valued at $5,850, we ask participating organizations to contribute $850, and $950 for organizations in a business takeover/transfer situation.